Dreaming 'Alice in Wonderland'

Date: 17th Jul 2015 @ 7:57pm

After studying 'Alice In Wonderland', consider and explain the following:

Are dreams real? Can we be constantly dreaming? When do our dreams become reality?

Can people really day dream?

Do we have to be asleep to dream?

Hattie wrote:

I am not sure. Our whole life could be a dream and we don't even know! We don't have to be asleep to dream, as lots of people daydream. I think everyone's dreams can come true, If they work hard enough to make it become reality. I think people can daydream because sometimes you go in a sort of trance and you don't blink for a while because you are dreaming. Some interesting questions that nobody knows the answers to.

Niangui wrote:

I agree with you Hattie I dream in my sleep and also when I'm not sleeping. I just start starring into space and then I start dreaming as if I am asleep, but my dreams never come true.

Hattie wrote:

I am sure your dreams can come true, you just have to wait until it is the right time. I dream in the day too! I don't know how we do it, we just drift off into a world of our own and stare into space!

Brad wrote:

I agree I allways dream day an night but my dreams never come true 😄

Chloe wrote:

That we don't have to sleep at night and don't have to go to school

Kayde wrote:

They can be and they can't be. Well you can be constantly dreaming only if you sleep a lot. When you have a good sleep your dreams. Yes but mostly when they have a thought that is a happy thought. No because a daydream is classed as a dream.

Ellie wrote:

I don't know if dreams are real. Like Hattie said are whole life could be a dream! Dreams become reality when you make it happen. People can daydream because I do it all the time! These questions are hard and made me think alot.

Connor wrote:

Yes they can day dream because you can think in the day and that is dreaming.

Freya wrote:

I'm not sure if dreams are real. Some people can be dreaming constantly because they day dream all day like what Cathy Cassidy did when she was young.Sometimes dreams can become reality but, sometimes they don't
Yes, every one does it.
No because people day dream when there awake.

Logan wrote:

Dreams can definitely come true!🌚

Sophie wrote:

Yes you can day dream and we need to sleep to dream but dreams are not real I
Thinck you can be constantly dreaming.your dream sometimes can become reality.

Callum,Karol,Maisey,Harry,Harley wrote:

We discussed and we Agree that Day dreaming is real

Emily wrote:

Yes you can day dream because you can think.

Jakub wrote:

I think it's impossible for your dreams to become reality

Ryley wrote:

Dreams are apart of live there are 3 kind of dreams, future dreams, day dreams and the dreams that put you to sleep at night

Jakub wrote:

People can daydream because your brain could do anything

Jakub wrote:

I don't think you have to be asleep to dream

Harvey wrote:

Dreams are apart life.Dreams just happen.

Demi wrote:

Well yes because I day dream

No because looking at stuff can make you dream

Karol wrote:

Dreams are real if you believe in them. Yes we can day dream and maybe we don't have to be asleep to have a dream.

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