Talk for Writing

Talk for Writing (T4W) forms the central strand of our delivery of the English Curriculum. It has been developed by Pie Corbett, John Stannard and supported by Julia Strong. T4W powerful because it is based on the principles of how children learn. All staff received two years training and action research to successfully deliver fun and lasting learning. Of course, like everything we do at Highfield, we're always evaluating and learning how to do things even better and Talk for Writing is no exception. We still dedicate a significant proportion of our staff training to the project.

Talk for Writing enables children to imitate the key language they need for a particular topic orally before they try reading and analysing it. Through fun activities that help them rehearse the tune of the language they need, followed by shared writing to show them how to craft their writing, children are helped to write in the same style. Schools that have adopted the approach have not only increased their children’s progress but have found that children and teachers alike love it. It works through the entire school regardless of age. 

There are three main strands: imitation, innovation and invention.

If your child already attends Highfield, you will know all about Story Mapping, Cold Tasks, Hot Tasks, shared writes, word grids and short burst writing! If not, please come and see our learning in action - we're very proud of the amazing writers we've become. We're also fab at telling stories, too!

We now belong to a network of schools all sharing in this best practice. Thank you, Pie! 

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