Date: 3rd Sep 2015 @ 9:23pm

Today we did a survey of which types of learners each of you are.

The results were interesting.

Why do you think you prefer your learning style of either:




Reading and writing

Also, why do you think that we overlap in our styles of learning?


Sienna wrote:

It was a really fun lesson!I was visual

Chloe wrote:

Auditory i don't know

Maisey wrote:

I am a reading and writing
so we can get more space on the page.

Harley wrote:

I think I am a kinaesthetic.

Harry wrote:

Reading and writing because if some one told me something like Lego I would look for myself

Ben wrote:

Because different people have different levels of ability so they might prefer to use a different method.

Kayde wrote:

Kinaesthetic because when I do activities I pring all the information to mind

Harvey wrote:

My learning type is reading and writing because when you read it you might not understand it but if you write it you understand it because you have written it so you can understand it

Oliwia wrote:

Visual because I love watching it cind of gets me more into it.

Brad wrote:

Reading and writing so I can go back remember better

Icarian wrote:

I am a auditory leaner because I don t really like looking at videos

Samuel wrote:

I was visual because on Thursday with the picture when I looked at the picture it gave me an idea straight away.

Karol wrote:

I prefer kinaesthetic because if I read something but I don't understand how to do it I would rather do the thing what the text says instead of reding it.

Jayden wrote:

I prefer kinaesthetic because I want to have ago my self and then I understand
For my self

Callum wrote:

So it's reminds us wat we have learnt

Niangui wrote:

I like being auditory because I like to listen and then picture the information in head and then because I'm good at remembering I keep the information in my head

Tyler wrote:

I,am a kinesthetio learner which means I learn better when people do some thing

Freya wrote:

I am kinaesthetic because I like to get up and do it because when I get stuck I can do whatever we did.

To get used to different styles preparing us for high school.

Ryley wrote:

I am a reading and writing because I love doing bebble story of the day

Connor wrote:

So you can tell us what tipe of lurning it is.

Andy wrote:

I would rather do something than see or hear something.

Sophie wrote:

I would prefer to do something when learning.

Mrs Whiteway wrote:

What a great idea for a survey! I know from my visits you are definitely all enthusiastic learners - and I hope you always will be.

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