Museum of Science and Industry

Date: 25th Sep 2015 @ 2:34pm

Yesterday Year 3 went to the Museum of Science and Industry and we had a fasntastic time! During the day we experiemented, observed the different galleries and watched an amazing light show. Can you tell me all about your favourite part of the day? Why was that bit your favourite? 

Chloe Villanti wrote:

My favourite part is when kigen had his head choped off but it was a traick but we can't see his body

Monty wrote:

My favourite bit of the day was when we got to see the cars and aeroplanes.
Also I liked being cloned.

Ryley mackinder wrote:

miss hogan my faveroite part was the light show but more better was the

Ryley mackinder wrote:

hi chloe my favoroute was the same

rhianne wrote:

My favourite part was the skeleton when you pedul the tank will light and you will see it.

megan wrote:

l enjoyed the museum because it was really interesting and full of cool old

natalia vysocka wrote:

megan my favourote was the same

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