Sports day quotes!

Date: 1st Jul 2015 @ 9:17pm

I have had such fun flicking through all of my many photographs from Sports Day this morning!

I am sitting smiling to myself as some of the images are very amusing.

Can you blog me some quotes for what you think Bradleigh is saying in the photograph below whilst in his sack AND if you were completing a speech bubble for Harley laughing at Harry, what would it say?


Niangui wrote:

Bradleigh: Even though you don't make it to the finish line, your still a winner. But I'm going to win!

Harley: " Haha Harry you fell down, but good try though.

Callum wrote:

Brad is saying " I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match."

Mrs Benton wrote:

Callum, this is an awesome quote! You have certainly put a lot of thought into this. With your exceptional computing skills, you will have to help me see if we can actually put a speech bubble onto this photo. Please help!

Freya wrote:

I'm almost there one last jump.

Harley wrote:

I loved sports day Mrs Benton

Harry wrote:

I was saying fly fly and brad was saying I belive I can fly

Minella wrote:

Bradleigh is saying Just a few more jumps till the finish let me just check were Minella is oh no she is catching up need to go extra fast.

Harley is saying Ha haha Harry i thought this was sack race and not leap frog but oh well.

Oliwia wrote:

Hahaha "leap frog"

Oliwia wrote:

Minella :Im getting there!Let me win!:):):):):):)

Bradleigh:I belive i can fly i belive i can touch the sky.....

Harley:Hehe you fell,im catching you up!!!

Emily wrote:

I loved sports day Mrs Benton.

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