Year 5 2022 - 2023

Mr Bull


Welcome to Year 5!

Mr Bull and Mrs Henderson

Spring Term 2023


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The Hunter

This term we are studying the book ‘The Hunter’. It is all about a young girl named Jamina, who spends her days playing hunters in the hot, dry African bush. However, everything changes when she hears the sad, desperate sound of a baby elephant calling for its dead mother. As she tries to help the orphaned creature, Jamina realizes that hunting is neither noble nor exciting.


The key skills we will be focusing on are:

  • Using relative clauses beginning with who, which, where, when, whose, that or an omitted relative pronoun.
  • Including adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility e.g. definitely, certainly, perhaps, maybe
  • Using a wide range of devices to build cohesion across paragraphs
  • Using brackets for parenthesis
  • Integrating dialogue to convey character and advance the action.
  • Including commas to clarify meaning and avoid ambiguity.
  • Using inverted commas to indicate direct speech.
  • Using powerful, evocative language for settings and character



This half term, Year 5 will be reading the texts 'The Child’s Elephant by Rachel Campbell-Johnston and 'The Amazon Rainforest' by Jane Goulbourne . Both texts, alongside The Hunter will inspire and cloak the children in a world of wonder and amazement.





This half term, Year 5 are focusing on:



  • Can use their knowledge of place value and multiplication and division by 10, 100 and 1000 to convert between standard units
  • Can decide on the appropriate measure to record their answer
  • Can understand the decimal notation of units of measure.
  • Can convert between familiar imperial units of measure and metric measure


  • Can recognise that angles at a point make a whole turn and total 360°
  • Can recognise that angles on a straight line make half a turn and total 180°
  • Can recognise multiples of 90° within turns
  • Can calculate missing angles in a range of contexts
  • Can describe that a rectangle has two pairs of equal and parallel sides
  • Can describe that a rectangle has four right-angles
  • Can explain why a square is a type of rectangle
  • Can find missing lengths of rectangles
  • Can identify the diagonals of rectangles
  • Can make suggestions about the size of angles formed between the parallel sides of a rectangle and its diagonals
  • Can use the fact that the angle sum of a quadrilateral is 360° to make suggestions about the size of the angles formed between the sides of quadrilaterals


  • Understands a fraction can be more than one
  • Understands that when the numerator is more than the denominator it is more than one whole.
  • Understands fractions can be represented as a mixed number and an improper fraction.
  • Can use common multiples to convert fractions to have the same denominator.
  • Can convert answers using mixed and improper fractions.
  • Can mentally add and subtract 1/10s


  • Naming 3D shapes
  • Identifying 3D shapes from 2D representations
  • Estimating and comparing angles
  • Using a protractor to measure angles accurately




This half term in science, we will be focussing on the topic "Living things and their habitats".


We will be to:

Describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird.

Describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.


World Knowledge

Our whole school Learning in Context theme is Fantastic Beasts: Tails, talons and teeth


See the source image


In Year 5, we will be focussing on developing our understanding of The Rainforest

We will be considering:

  • Where are the rainforests of the world situated?
  • How does the many layers of a rainforest accommodate the wide variety of animal and plant life that exists there?
  • Does deforestation benefit the human race?


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Year 5 PE is on a Wednesday morning.   Please can all the children come into school on this day in their school PE Kit. If it is a cold day, the children may wear plain black of blue jogging bottoms.


Year 5 also (for the next 7 weeks from 6th January) have swimming every Friday at Northgate Arena.

Please can all children remember to bring:

  • a suitable swimming costume
  • towel
  • goggles (optional)
  • swim hat ( recommended but optional)


Things to remember in Year 5


  • P.E. Wednesday with Mr Coleclough
  • Swimming every Friday with Mr Bull
  • Homework set on Wednesday due for the following Monday
  • Spelling Test on Wednesday 
  • Five reads a week with reading diaries due in on Monday.
  • Times Table Rockstar practise each week set alongside homework
  • Home read books are changed throughout the week
  • Monday reading diaries in for guided reading

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