BEV Sports Day

Date: 9th Jul 2015 @ 4:42pm

Wow, what a fantastic day Highfield! We are all so proud of everybody's achievements today,we all tried our best and had a great day out. The atmosphere was ecstatic, especially during the relays. A grand slam for Highfield in the relays, winning each race. Well done to you all!

a fantastic result for BEV sports day! We won the Year 3 trophy, Year 4 trophy, Year 5 trophy and Year 6 trophy making us the overall winners. We set a new record for our overall score and we couldn't have got all of our points without the contribution of every child. You should all be very proud of yourselves!

Blessy wrote:

It was extremely fun today. I definitely really enjoyed it. All the races were really fun!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Meehan wrote:

I still don't have a voice after all that cheering!

Mrs McFetridge wrote:

Wish I could run like you! Great team effort and well done for supporting each other .

Kiera wrote:

Go Highfield! Hope we win today well done everyone!

Kiera wrote:

Well done everyone and the relay teams were really good!

Faith wrote:

I liked the relay because I thought we were going to lose them but when we got to the third one, we won the race and when we got onto the last one we won all four of the races. The teachers were proud of them

Aaliyah wrote:

Well done to everyone in Highfield, we all tried our best and I'm glad none of you gave up in your races.

Charlie F wrote:

What a day for Highfield, I cant believe we won all of the relays. We won the relays because we all worked hard together and never gave up. We dug deep we won all four relays.

Demi wrote:

I felt very nervous in the relay because as Gerald passed the baton to me I thought I was going to drop it. As he slapped it into my hand I ran and then I slapped it into Aaliyah's hand

George wrote:

I felt a bit nervous because when I saw all of the children I didnt want to let Year 3 down. Everyone tried their best so we won the Year 3 relay

Lily wrote:

Well done Highfield, even though I wasnt there I could still hear Mrs Meehan and Miss Hogan shouting for you

Liam wrote:

I liked about the sports day yesterday because it was amazing because I liked Gerald because he was in the relay

Niangui wrote:

I'm so happy we won! We diserved to win.

Ms Dowling wrote:

Amazing Day! I'm so proud of every child who attended. Everyone competed confidently, with good technique and a determination to achieve a PB (personal best). We were truly magnificent. Today is the icing on the cake. Winners of every category and overall winners for the second year running. We've also smashed the overall winners total points record. It's going to be hard to beat that one for a long, long, time!

Aaliyah wrote:

WELL done Highfield we did really well and we diserved to win the overall shield!!!!!We all did fantastically well to win,we all wish that you were there Lily,and Lillie s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lillie wrote:

This looked like you had good fun

Jayden wrote:

Want a fab day we had

Demi-leigh wrote:

Well done high field for trieing. Your best keep it up for next year

Harry wrote:

It looks like year five had a great day

Jayden wrote:

Well done key stage 2 you all deserved to win the trophies,and defiantly deserves the over all win.Good job!!!!!!!!!!

alisha wrote:

I hope every one took part in BEV:}

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