Chester Chronicle article

Date: 8th Jul 2015 @ 8:42pm

Hurray! We have got our Chris Riddell doodle written as an article in the Chester Chronicle! Well spotted Ben and thanks for letting us know!

And acknowledged again by Chris Riddell on Twitter! Fab! Well done Year 5!

I've put a picture of the article below or go to the Chester Chronicle website to read the whole thing.

How do you feel Year 5?

Niangui wrote:

I feel amazing that someone famous has actually saw our picture and sent you a picture back it's just amzing.

Samuel wrote:

I feel amazing! I carnt belive that Chris Riddel wrote to Highfield of all the schools us

Minella wrote:

WOW I can't explain how astonished I am.

harvey wrote:


Ryley wrote:

WOW! I can't believe he would do that. AMAZING

chloe wrote:

Amazing Chris Riddlle tweet us.

Brad wrote:

I felt astonished and amazed.

Ciaran wrote:

I feel super,great and amazed.

Jakub wrote:

I feel amazed that Chris Riddells doodle was written as an article!

Emily wrote:

WOW I can't belive it.

Maisey wrote:

I feel amazing that someone so famous has actually wrote to us and finally sent us a picture back I am so proud of my friends and our drawings I really am astonished so Chris Riddel thank you!!!!!!.

Karol wrote:

That's nice Maisey

Harley wrote:

I am amazed that Chris Riddel he wrote us.

sophie wrote:

I carn't beleave it someone famous has actully seen are picture!

Demi wrote:

Oh my i can`t belive a real author seen my picture!

Karol wrote:

One word and I will say WOW! 😊

sienna wrote:

Its amazing

Niangui wrote:

I know right! I can't believe

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