Pupil Voice interviews about British Values

Date: 3rd Nov 2016 @ 4:19pm

We talked with Mrs Tynegate about what we have been learning about British Values.

CM said, " Only certain people can vote. We all voted for the school council. It's sad because some people are neglected and don't have the same things as everyone else. But you must be kind to them. I'm a Christian but if someone else was a different religion like Jewish you can't say they're not allowed in our country"

JG said, " When you vote you have to vote for something like Labour or Conservative. You have to be over 18. You can keep it to your self who you voted for, It's your choice. No matter what people elieve it's their choice. George is a different colour but he's my friend. We have to be all friends and share"

JF said, " There was an in/ out cmapaign for the EU. You have to keep your vote secret. It's personal. You go to the polling station. You can't judge people. Viktoria is Polish but that's ok. We get to vote for lots of things in school"

TW said, " We had a mini vote. Your race, sexuality, LGBT- you can be what you want. I used to get judged quite alot before I came here. We need to help each other. It's fair here. You can't be a councillor for more than one year. You have to give others a chance"

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