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Welcome to Nursery...

We would like to offer a warm welcome to all of our new children and families and to the those who are already part of our Highfield family. The staff are Mrs Clarke, Miss Griffiths, Mrs Jones, Miss Robinson and Mrs Wall. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to us. If you would like more information about joining Highfield Nursery, please get in touch with the school office on 01244 259650.


Each term, we have a focus on personal, social and emotional development and well-being to ensure the children have the best chance to settle well into school routines and establish good relationships with their teachers and the other children.

In September 2021, a new framework was introduced to Early Years. To learn more about this framework and find out how we use it to create our curriculum and assess how the children make progress, please see the files below named 'New EYFS Framework - Guide for Families' and 'EYFS Areas of Learning'.

Here at Highfield we have an over arching theme, each term, which runs through the whole of the school. This term it is ‘Hourglass: Sands of Time’. In Nursery, we explore each theme through a 'Narrative Immersion Curriculum'. Each term the story box gifts us a new text. As we enter story world we learn how the plot of the story unfolds and we get to know each character well, often helping the different characters to overcome problems along the way! This term we will be reading 'Dear Mother Goose' by Michael Rosen and Nick Sharratt. Through this story we will explore the themes 'problem solving,' ‘working together/ helping others' and 'being safe'. In this lift the flap nursery rhyme book, with a twist, we will work alongside Agony aunt Mother Goose to help a whole host of much loved nursery rhyme characters, including helping Humpty Dumpty conquer his fear of falling! But... will we be able to help Little Miss Muffet deal with an overfriendly spider?! Lets hope so!

Dear M Goose.jpg

The planning for this narrative is included in the list of 'Files to Download' which can be found below.

If you want to become familiar with the story, but don't have a copy of the book, you could borrow a copy from school, visit the library to borrow a copy or view an animated version by following this link: 

All of the children have a Purple Mash account which can be found by following this link:

In the Early Years at Highfield, we use Tapestry to keep parents up to date with how and what the children are learning. You may also use this to communicate with us and we will always try to answer your queries as soon as we can.

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We LOVE seeing what the children have learned at home! Please feel welcome to upload your photos and observations about what the children are doing. If you would like to do this, we have added a guide to the files below named 'How-to guide for creating observations' which tells you step-by-step what to include in your observations.


Extra websites you might like to try are:- 


Tapestry have provided recommended activities you can do with your children which you can find in the 'Files to Download' section below.,584,037,589,000


Files to Download

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