Year 3 2021 - 2022

Miss MacSween

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Bull


Welcome to Year 3 and Spring 2021

Miss MacSween, Mr Bull and Miss Beardsall



In English this half term we are focussing on the text 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura.

It allows the reader to travel 20,000 years into the past and discover what life as a caveman was like.

One day a little boy is walking along when he trips, stumbles and falls ... into the Stone Age! He meets a girl his own age and her tribe, and learns all about their way of life. He watches them make tools, clothes and weapons. He sees how they hunt, fish, cook, celebrate – and even how they paint on the walls of caves. But when a furious cave bear attacks, he wakes up back in his own time where everyone tells him it was only a dream. But was it?

Does it sound like the type of story that you would like to read?

stone age boy.jpg




This half term we are going to be focusing on the following:

  • Addition and subtraction: Formal methods linking to measures (m, cm, mm).
  • Measures: Money problems in practical context: Finding change.
  • Geometry: Angles, horizontal/vertical lines, parallel/perpendicular lines.
  • Fraction: Solving fraction problems.
  • Measures: Understanding capacity (l/ml).
  • Statistics: Comparing data and solving one and two step problems using scales bar charts, tables and pictograms.


Don't forget to log onto Mathletics and Timestables Rockstars to gain a personal best or 
compete against other children in our class or from around the world.


World Knowledge

This term, our whole school Learning in Context theme is

Let's Go : Magical Adventures Await!

In Year 3, we will be focussing on developing our understanding of chronology by finding out about the first people in Britain.


We will investigate two BIG questions:

Who first lived in Britain

Could you survive the Stone Age?

Do you know anything about the Stone Age?  Please share it with us!






In Computing, we are practising our typing skills and  seeing if we can develop the skill of 'touch typing'.

Click on the keyboard above to have a go!




Year 3 will be having PE every Monday - don't forget to send your child to school in their PE kit!

We may also have additional PE on a Friday, so please make sure that your own clothes on Awareness Friday are suitable for PE.


Homework will be handed out on Fridays and is due in on Wednesday the following week.

5 Reads are due in on Fridays and this is when books will be changed.





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