Alice in Wonderland activities

Date: 16th Jul 2015 @ 7:30pm

This week you have really got to grips with our work on 'Alice in Wonderland'.

We were so impressed with your story maps and performances of the fantasy story! You did an amazing job. Whose group did you particularly like and why?

We have nearly finished our canvases now, mod roc cups and saucers are made and beaded, and our treasury tags are done.

Did you enjoy creating your parodies today? Mrs McFetridge and I absolutely loved them! Great imagination! 

Harry wrote:

This looks like you had an amazing time doing art some of the pictures look awesome (word of the week) also congratulations for us because we won yr3 trophies and yr4 yr 5 and yr 6

Karol wrote:

I liked the first and the last story maps but I don't know which one is the best. I liked making Alice in Wonderland themed parodies today!

Chloe wrote:

I had fun doing the Alice in wonderland stuff . It was so cool seeing the pictures we drew .

Maisey wrote:

I really like doing the parody to Alice in Wonderland and the mod rocking.

Ryley wrote:

I really enjoyed this

Jayden wrote:

I loved the activities that we did today.I really enjoyed them

Ben wrote:

I realy enjoyed making the mod roc cups and saucers but I hated the smell, it smelt like sick... Yuk!

Samuel wrote:

I really enjoyed making up my own story map with my group.

kayde wrote:

Really enjoyed that day as I was Mrs Bentons little helpers. Thank you!

niangui wrote:

I really love doing art for Alice in Wonderland. We wouldn't have done this last year with Mr Andrews. Thank you very much for the art lessons Mrs Benton, Mrs Mcfeteridge.

Niangui wrote:

Sorry i didn't put a capital letter for my name it was because the i pad didn't make it clear. Technology these days.

Connor wrote:

I love doing Alice in Wonderland it is fun.

Jakob wrote:

I absolutely loved doing parodies!

emily wrote:

I liked making the modrocking because we got to bead and make at the same time.

logan wrote:

I really liked the activities they were very fun!

Tyler wrote:

Alice in wonderland is one of my favourite books so doing it in school makes me happy and excited

Brad wrote:

Alice in wonderland is the best topic ever.

Harvey wrote:

I enjoyed the activites and the story writing

Sienna wrote:

It was so fun I loved it thank you Mrs Benton

Sophie wrote:

I liked the panting and coulering and I was injoying all of are activities.

Oliwia wrote:

Thank you for giving us fun activities.

Freya wrote:

I enjoyed the activites and the story writing. I can't wait to watch the film.

Hattie wrote:

It looks like you did some great fun with those activities and that art work is amazing!

Logan wrote:

I had lots of fun!🌚

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