Alice In Wonderland trip

Date: 6th Jul 2015 @ 5:46pm

Which exhibition did you like best today? Was it the Cheshire Cat with his wagging tail, the blue squishy caterpillar or maybe the Mad Hatter's Tea Party? Or one of the others?

Tell me which one you liked best and the reasons why.

Are you excited to start working on Lewis Carroll's book now? Anything in particular? Did you enjoy our transition afternoon working on the canvases and the tea party?


Callum wrote:

My Favourite scene was at the start #1

Minella wrote:

Yes Callum it was very amusing to see a rabbit's bottom going down

Brad wrote:

I agree minella

Mrs Benton wrote:

Thanks Callum for the first reply. I'm guessing that number 1 was down the rabbit hole! This one was amusing!

Ryley wrote:

I really enjoyed the the trip and my favourite scene was the rabbit bum

Jayden wrote:

I really enjoyed it today especially the rabbit bum!!!😀

Karol wrote:

That's very funny Jayden!😊

Brad wrote:

Really good at the cathedral it was amazing!😃

Harry wrote:

My Favorite part was #1

Karol wrote:

I like the photo in your Alice in Wonderland gallery Mrs Benton

Emily wrote:

I really enjoyed the trip Mrs Benton.

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