Health week

Date: 28th Jun 2015 @ 9:32pm

Looking forward to health week this week year 4. Let's hope for nice weather on Wednesday for sports day! 

Do you think you can remember any of the life saving skills we looked at last year?

Mrs Meehan

Morgan wrote:

The recovery position that we recapt on today I like health weeks I liked putting people in the recovery position.

Ashton wrote:

Today we had an assembly and we recapped the recovery position

Dillon wrote:

I now to cheak for danger.

logan wrote:

hopefully its good weather like today for sports day

Yasmine Jones wrote:

The Recovery position ,first check for danger next gently shake their shoulders

Mrs Meehan wrote:

You were all so good at this! Well done for remembering so much.

Mrs Barber wrote:

Well done to year 4 on their assembly . It was very interesting to see all year groups wanting to get involved. There was so many hands up to be a volunteer .

keisha wrote:

I love putting people into the recovery position because it helps save a life

Mrs Meehan wrote:

Keisha, you were so good at using the recovery position!

Demi wrote:

I really enjoyed sports day well done year 4 it was lovelly weather

Mrs Meehan wrote:

We were so lucky with the weather Deni. I hope BEV sports day will be as good as ours.

Bethany Jones wrote:

Class 4 did amazing in the assembly they really helped me remember what to do for the recovery position. Thankyou

Mrs Meehan wrote:

Thanks Beth. I'm glad it helped you to remember everything. It's an important skill to know if you ever find yourself in an emergency life saving situation.

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