Health week

Date: 1st Jul 2015 @ 2:38pm

Yesterday we looked at the recovery position as part of our health week curriculum. You did very well year 3 to put your partner in the recovery position as practice for an emergency. I wonder who can remember the steps today?

Liam wrote:

I like health week because we can help people

Gerald wrote:

i like health week because you can do something to help people.

faith wrote:

on Mrs mehans asembale four of her lovley people did a recor posinon

Mrs Meehan wrote:

I'm glad you enjoyed it Faith! I heard that year 3 were also very good at learning this important life saving skill.

George wrote:

I loved health weak because you learn to save someones life

nia wrote:

I liked healf week beacause we can help people and not just beacause of that we can acturally save some ones life. i am soo proud that we can now put people in the recovary position .

Mrs Meehan wrote:

Well done Nia! It is an important skill to know.

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