Isn't being human amazing?

Date: 3rd Sep 2015 @ 9:27pm

When I researched our new IPC topic I was amazed with what I found out (as some of you were in our entry point today).

Our bodies are truly amazing in numerous ways.

Can you remember any of the amazing true facts from today or can you add any to our bank of facts about our bodies?

Which true facts were hard to believe? 

What would you like to research further? And why?


Harley wrote:

It was really funny

Maisey wrote:

Bones are called casuim I would like to learn a little more of this topic because to learn what are in your body.

Harvey wrote:

The challenge was hard but it was good

Chloe wrote:

I would like to research more about babies eyes because I thought they were born with green eyes.

Kayde wrote:

One of the amazing facts are that out thigh bones are stronger than concret

Niangui wrote:

I would like to learn more about how we all had blue eyes when we were where born. And are thighs are stronger that croncreate

Ellie wrote:

One of the facts were babies were born with blue eyes.
A true fact that was hard to believe is thigh bones are stronger than concrete!
I'd like to research about all babies are born with blue eyes!

Kayde wrote:

I would like to reaserch a bit more about how babies have blue eyes when they are born because how can all babies be born with blue eyes

Jayden wrote:

I would like to go ferver into resurching in how the thigh bone is stronger than concrete!

Sienna wrote:

It was a great lesson I lernt a lot

Ryley wrote:

Did you know the thigh bone is stronger than concrete and I would want to learn more about how eyes change colours

Karol wrote:

I would like to learn more of babies having blue eyes because it would be a bit interesting how they would change colour.

Samuel wrote:

I found it hard to believe that baby's are born with blue eyes.

Freya wrote:

3. The average of people trump up to 14 times a day.
Your thigh bones are stronger than concrete.
4. An average person loses 60-100 strands of hair a day.
5. I would love to carry on with being human because we are learning loads of fun facts.

Demi wrote:

Well it really is fantastic being human because if we were an animal we could get killed by our prelated and plus we can walk on two legs and run and skip.

Samuel wrote:

I would like to research how baby's are all born with blue eyes.

Ben wrote:

The one witch interested me most was humans can't breath and swallow at the same time.

Connor wrote:

I think being a human is good but some
Mite not think it isent.

Ciaran wrote:

The hardest facts to belive is the fumla is stronger than the concrete.

Brad wrote:

I want to lern more about why peppole are born with blue eyes

Doctor Derbyshire wrote:

I would like to learn more about muscles, intestines and liver.

Demi wrote:

I would like to rea search further on how is your figh stronger then concrete because I don't get how it is .

Sophie wrote:

The hardest one to believe was you can swollow and breve at the same time.

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