Manchester Museum

Date: 22nd Sep 2015 @ 7:02pm

I hope you all enjoyed our visit to the museum. Let me know what you enjoyed the most and tell me about something you learnt. I loved how we built the pyramid. Let's hope we win the challenge! 

imogen wrote:

I hope we win this CHALLENGE And I enjoyed i hope the hol CLASS ENJOYED IT

wiktoria wrote:

i really liked the manchester museum and i leant that osiris had eyeliner called khol paste and shaved her/his hair and put wigs on to look beautiful

faith wrote:

wow what amazing day Manchester museum was good I thought it was good thank you Mrs Meehan

Dylan wrote:

I liked the stufed anmuls because there was anamals I have not saw befor.

ashant egypt put their pets into the toom.

jayden wrote:

I liked the stufted lion it was funny i love it i was amieed it was good

I also liked the egyptine bit and the wappern bit to


Dylan wrote:

To mrs meehan I like man chester mesium becase there were intresting stuf I you
hade a amazing time


Mrs Meehan wrote:

I'm glad you enjoyed it Faith. It wasa great day and we learnt so muvc.

luke wrote:

I enjoyed Manchester musem because I loved the Egyptian part

Reece wrote:

I really liked the trip to Manchester museum it was very interesting because all these artefacts are so interesting. Thank you mrs Meehan and mrs gabbot

Mrs Meehan wrote:

I'm glad you enjoyed it Reece.

Jess wrote:

I really liked going because it was really good! I loved it!

I hope every body in the class did

Faith wrote:

Manchester museum was fun I enjoed it

Lily wrote:

I loved the glowing stones they were very fastanating .I learnt that they put shabtys in the tomb for slaves in the after life.

Aaliyah wrote:

Mrs Meehan that was the best trip we have had so far in year four I hope everyone loved it as much as I did.

charlief wrote:

Wow what a day I really enjoyed looking at all of the weapons and I hope the class enjoyed it too

Nia wrote:

faith wrote:

hope we see you soon nia bye - bye

N nia wrote:

Hi year 4 I hope you had a great time at Manchester Musiam missing you so much expectually Dylan and Imogen we are going today hope I can see you soon.

Faith wrote:

that was a very nice thing to say nia

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