Multi cultural day

Date: 26th Jun 2015 @ 11:49am

You have all told me some great information about your travels yesterday! Did you enjoy the day? What was your favourite part?

Mrs Meehan

tia wrote:

Yes I did enjoy mult-cultural day and my favourite part was learning about what Vietnamese people eat .

Daisie wrote:

I really enjoyed it very much and my favourite part was France because we got to try new foods. It's very fun.

Yasmine wrote:

I love multi cultural week I liked it when we went to Austraila and we found out about their culture.

Morgan wrote:

I really enjoyed multi cultural day my favrouite was France whithalls miss hogan I liked it because we tried croissants and the bread with the garlic cheese and the chocolate croissants I had a great day. I think that all you teachers put lots of effort in to multi cultural day. I was amazed

Daisie wrote:

Yesterday was very fun. I enjoyed it very much. I loved learning about different cultures. One of my faveroutes was Vietnam. We learnt about what they eat and how they eat it.

Mrs Meehan wrote:

Thank you for all your replies! I'm glad you all enjoyed it. I love how enthusiastic you were to experience new things.
Mrs Meehan

Mrs Whiteway wrote:

I enjoyed hearing all about multi-cultural day at today's assembly - it sounded like you all had great fun and learnt lots about the world we live in. I had no idea Costa coffee beans were from Costa Rica (doh!), it just goes to show we never stop learning!

Tia wrote:

I really i joyed multi cultural day because we all got to learn about seven different countries and my favourite part was learning how to count
up to six in vetmnese also I injoyed wearing the Costa rica clothes .

Mrs Benton wrote:

That's lovely to hear Tia. It was a very enjoyable day and hope we can have another whole school day like this soon!

Morgan wrote:

You were my second favrouite class I loved wearing the hat and the dress thing I forgot what it's called I learnt lots from your country Mrs Benton I liked it

Yasmine wrote:

That was also my favourite country it was funny when we saw other people dress up like vetmnese people.Also when we learnt to count the first one was mo

Mrs Barber wrote:

Wow! What a fabulous day , I feel like I have travelled the world but without the
jet lag. Also I have learnt lots of new and interesting facts about all the countries .

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