P4C - Big Question 2

Date: 12th Jul 2015 @ 10:41pm

Where do thoughts come from? 

If you never share a thought, is it really a thought? 

Is a thought the same as a dream? 

Niangui Year 5 wrote:

Thoughts come from your mind but sometimes others give you an idea to think of your thought.
Even if you haven't shared you thought it still counts as one because you have still thought of your thought.
Maybe the thought can be the same as your dream beacuse after you have your dream you could be thinking about your dream then have a though about it.

Ellie Yr 5 wrote:

Thoughts come from your mind. But thoughts can come from anything. For example you have been thinking about a maths problem your thought has come from your maths problem.

If you haven't shared your thought it still is a thought because you have still thought your thought!

I am not sure because a dream is like reality but when your asleep but a thought can be anytime!

Callum wrote:

From your brain

Samuel wrote:

1.Your brain mainly when your bored.

2.Yes because you can think about doing something but decied not to.

3.Yes but a dream is something you think is real at the time.

Miss Dowling wrote:

Are you more creative when you're bored, Sam? Do you find you are able to tune in to your minds thoughts more!

Jayden wrote:

1. Your brain.

2.Yes because you still thought about it to get the thought.

3.Yes because sometimes you think your thought in your dream.

harvey wrote:

From your brain

Ben wrote:

Thoughts come from the brain and if you never share a thought it still can be a thought because you might never want anyone to know like a secret and everyone has a secrets.

Karol wrote:

1. Your brain.

2. No it's a secret.

3. No because a dream is when you're sleeping and a thought is when you're awake.

connor wrote:

i think it comes from your brain because you look around and think.

i dont think it is because you dont tell eny one.

no because you are asleep when you dream and your not asleep when you have a thought.

Minella wrote:

1: Thoughts come from anywere for example your in school and you walk down the hall way and you look at a display you think that's nice that is a thought.

2:It is a still a thought because if it is private you dont want to share that thoght.

3: No because when you think you use your brain to get the answer. When you dream you dont use your brain and then random things apear.

Kayde wrote:

1: Well thought come from your mind if you have imagination but other than that thoughts can come from anywhere.

2: Yes because you get most of your thoughts from your mind and what if you have a thought about someones work and you don't want to share it incase you upset them it will still be a thought.

3. No because if you have a dream it stays in your mind and then in the morning you can't remember it but a thought, well if it is a good thought then it might last for ever but if is a thought that you should not have it goes in a couple of days.

Maisey wrote:

Your thoughts come from your mind if your teacher asks you something it will come through your mind and out of your mouth.

Well sometimes if you want your thought to be private you don't have to tell someone you can wait untill everyone gone then you can tell your thought.

No because a dreams can come to life and your thought don't come true so not really.

Freya wrote:

Your thoughts come from your mind but they can come from other places of your head.

Well sometimes it depends on what type of person you are because, some people like to keep their thoughts to them selves because if you share your answer other people can take your idea and use it.Another reason is people like to share there idea and let other people use it and they sometimes they change a bit of it.

Well not really because you can dream a dream but you can't dream a thought. A thought is real and a dream can be either.

Demi wrote:

Thoughts can come from any where dreams,people,movies,animals and a lot more.

well thoughts can be a little bit like a deam becouuse you can get thoughts from dreems if you didernt know and if you dont dreem you want have a good imagination.

Oliwia wrote:

Thoughts come from your minds your feelings.Well if you wont share your thoughts there still thoughts but they wont be as important.I say yes thoughts are the same as dreams,but not exactly dreams are more amazing.

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