Sports day quotation

Date: 10th Jul 2015 @ 7:24am

After yesterday I took home all of our new vests to wash and dry.

Can you come up with a quirky quotation for the image below? 


Niangui wrote:

The drying competiton, the Highfield winners.

Samuel wrote:

Shirts off winners

Jayden wrote:

I wonder were the 21 children had gone?....MRS BENTON!!!!

Freya wrote:

The Highfield team have vanished. Wonder where they have gone?

Minella wrote:

Funny all I can smell is victory

harvey wrote:

Highfield conqued Wrexham winners once again. we'll never lose again

Ryley wrote:

Highfield wash out the opponents

Mrs Benton wrote:

Very clever idea Ryley! I love the way you have the ability to play with language. Well done!

chloe wrote:

A line of different winners.

Ciaran wrote:

We washed up the other schools.

Callum wrote:

#How many T-Shirts

Tyler wrote:

21 people 1 champion

Emily wrote:

21 people won victory.

Maisey wrote:

The drying off compition, Highfield winners.

Harley wrote:

Victory of shirts.

Sienna wrote:

We hang in victory

Mrs Benton wrote:

This is a cracking quote Sienna! I could picture this as a newspaper headline to accompany the picture. Well done!

Connor wrote:

the 21 children hope they won.

Niangui wrote:

Mrs Benton did you forget to tell the children to take their t-shirts off. Oh no you've washed them.

Karol wrote:

A line of proud winners

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