Sports Day

Date: 1st Jul 2015 @ 3:10pm

Well done Year 3 for a fantastic sports day! I am very proud of all of you for taking part and trying your best. you should all be proud of yourselves for trying new activities. It was great practice for BEV sports day next week. I can't wait!

faith wrote:

well done for trying your best, and you got out the shown all of the parents how good you are at sports

Lexie wrote:

Well done evry won you did well

Imogen wrote:

I loved doing sports day because people was citing for us

Jake wrote:

Well done year 3 you done God on your sport day an keep it up

George wrote:

thats write

George wrote:

Well done guys you put lots of support in it

Luke wrote:

good sentence George

Demi wrote:

I like sports day because we all tried are best wining.

Aaliyah wrote:

Well done for yesterday day Highfield for all taking part and not getting in a mood if you didn't win all your races but at least some of you won one races.Well done

Ccharlie wrote:

Well done guys you are a good team in high field

Lexie wrote:

Thank you miss hogan and Mr fobs for your hard work

William wrote:

It was good

Lexie wrote:

Well done to all of the teams for your hard work and the teachers

Reece wrote:

Fantastic werc in sports day year 3

Wiktoria wrote:

Well done to every body who takes part of the sports day

Demi wrote:

Well done evey one enjoyed it Even the lap

Luke wrote:

I loved sports day because when I did the relay I thought I would win I came second.

Alisha wrote:

Well done for taking part

Kkrystal wrote:

Well done every one good work!!! Also Lille and very one!!!! Go team highield!!!

Lille s wrote:

Well done highfield for tring your best keep it up for next year for sports day and try your best for BEV sports day as well!

Aaliyah wrote:

Thank you Mr Forbs,Miss Hogan and Mr crawford for all of your hard work setting up our brilliant sports day for us all Thankyou loads!

Demi-leigh wrote:

I liked sports day because we all participate in every challenge well done very one

Luke wrote:

i enjoyed sports day because I liked watching other people run and try to win we did well well done

nia wrote:

Every one did briliant . there is nothing else that i can say . giving a BIG thank you to miss hogan and mr forbes.

keaton wrote:

well done all for trying your best at sports day

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