Year 3 Homework

Date: 19th Jun 2015 @ 1:27pm

Well done Year 3 for all your hard work on your recent homework projects. They have been fantastic! We have all learnt a lot from each other and I am very proud of you all. 

Nia wrote:

I loved the homework because it was a project homework and I like making models. My favourite was the Eiffel Tower homework. It took me two days to make my creation.

lily wrote:

thank you miss Hogan for giving us this homework it was the best ever. Well done to everyone else for there great homework my favourite peace of homework was Aaliyah's because she did Marie curie witch no one else did. keep up the hard work on homework every one. x

Chloe dawn wrote:

I like about Genevieve sister about neea ifall tower

imogen wrote:

i liked doing my proget homework beacause i like making things

Kiera Reading year 3 wrote:

II loved when we made the Eiffel tower & my coco chanel tshirt at home.


Year 3, I thought your homework was great! Well done.
Mrs Meehan

George wrote:

Amazing effort guys i loved the fantastick homework the Eiffell tower WOW ! thank you miss hogan! ammazing again iam saying

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