Year 4 memories

Date: 2nd Jul 2015 @ 9:01pm

I have had a great year with you year 4 and have many memories from the year. Let me know your favourite memory! 

Gracie wrote:

My favourite memory was PGL and SUPERHERO DAY!!! I really enjoyed PGL

Patrik wrote:

Going to PGL and going on the giant swing and quad biking and going to lego education.


My favourite memory this year has been the zoo when the monkey was licking the window.Thankyou i have had a great year to

Yasmine wrote:

the year 4 whatched the monkey licking the window right infront of us.

Tia wrote:

My favourite memory in year 4 was when Ashton did the cat walk across the classroom and also I enjoyed PGL .

Ashton wrote:

My memory was when Harry pretended to be LADY GAGA

Zak thomas wrote:

My favourite part of the year was Manchester Meuseum.The dinosaur part of the meuseum was the best of all.Thank you for being our teacher for these two long years.

Mrs Meehan wrote:

Thank toy Zak. I have enjoyed teaching year 4.

Macenzie wrote:

My best memory in year 4 was when i went to PGL and done all of the activites

callum wrote:

my memory of being in year 4 is PGL because I enjoyed doing the activitys with my friends and science day dressing up.

Yasmine wrote:

My favourite memorie was PGL! I loved the quad biking and giant swing . Also when I went to the factory and saw the new school being built.

Daisie wrote:

I really enjoyed p.g.l. It was so fun! I enjoyed all of the activities like the giant swing, quad biking and absailing! I was so happy that we got to go. Can't wait to go next year!it was also really cool to be in a room with my friends. I enjoyed it when we had a competition to see which one was the cutest!

Demi wrote:

my favourite memory was when we went to the zoo and the monkey kept on licking the glass and banging on it and PGL

jay wrote:

my memory is PGL because me and Ashton were laughing at Harry trying to be lady gaga


my memory is when we went to pgl when we went on jacobs ladder.

jasmine wrote

Blake wrote:

I love you miss meehan

Yasmine wrote:

Science day was really funny i enjoyed it because we could see every one dress up like an mad scientist

Mrs Meehan wrote:

Yasmin, a 3 ed sentence!!!
Mrs Meehan

Yasmine wrote:

I know i used somethink from class it was quite easy to think of.

Mrs Meehan wrote:

Good girl Yasmine!

morgan wrote:

my favrouite memory was PGL and science day it was great i liked prestons outfit

logan wrote:

my favourite memory was at P.G.L! when I fell off the quad bike but got back up.

macenzie wrote:

My favoute memory was when we went to PGL and i got to the top Jacobs Ladder it was so much fun

Ashton wrote:

when i did the cat walk across the classroom and everyone was laughing.

Preston wrote:

I liked sciance day because we got to make a lava lamp and dress up it was so fun.

Jay wrote:

My favourite memory is P.G.L becarse in are room we eat alot of sweets

logan wrote:

This year i enjoyed science week and i won best costume. thanks to Mrs Meehan,Mrs Barber, Miss Kermode and Mrs davies. exictedly, shy,greatful I stood up to get my reward.

Mrs Barber wrote:

You have been such a superstar Logan, you have become such an amazing young man and good luck as you go into year 5

logan wrote:

You've been my favourite teachers Mrs Meehan and Mrs barber

Dillon wrote:

My favourite thing this year is when I went to Lego educaition

Mrs Barber wrote:

My favourite memory is from year 1 to year 4 .
I want to say I have enjoyed every single moment with you all , from helping you learn to write your names , encouraging you to tie your shoe laces, the hugs and tears , the fun and laughter
You are all so amazing !
You have all become such wonderful , super amazing individuals that make me so happy and proud to have been there on your journey , so all I can say is a big ' Thankyou' xxxx

Patrik wrote:

Best of all was you miss Meehan you were like the best teacher I ever met I love all the things we did, we did space,Egypt, rain forest , birds,election and more past these 2 years ! LOVE YOU :-)

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