Our Gallery

French in year 5, by Mrs Benton

Art work for gallery, by Mrs Benton

Enterprise week letters, by Mrs Benton

Classifying foods, by Mrs Benton

Manchester Museum, by Mrs Meehan

Teeth Cleaning, by Mrs Tynegate

firefighters, by Mrs Tynegate

Great football win!, by Mrs Benton

P4C / Citizenship Day, by Mrs Benton

David and Goliath , by Miss Martin

Year 2 Enterprise Biscuits, by Miss Martin

Blacon Community Mile, by Mrs Benton

Mad Science Day, by Mrs Meehan

Year 3 Mad Science Day, by Miss Hogan

Mad Science Day!, by Mrs Benton

Reading Buddies Yr 2 and 4, by Miss Martin

Manchester Airport Yr1-2, by Miss Martin

Musical instrument fun!, by Mrs Benton

Jodrell Bank, by Mrs Benton

Our first week, by Mrs Tynegate

Art, by Mrs Benton

Year 4, by Mrs Meehan

Transition Day - Y2, by Miss Martin

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