Dyslexia Friendly Highfield


Continuing our dedication to meet the needs of all children, we strive to support pupils who experience difficulties with reading and writing, including dyslexia.

In October 2022, we took part in Dyslexia Awareness Week. Our focus on 'Breaking Through Barriers' has encouraged the children to see the many strengths, as well as the struggles, that people with Dyslexia can have. Please look at the photo album and our 'Dyslexia Friendly Highfield' video at the bottom of the page, of all of the work we have done during the week and of our Family Learning event to raise awareness with Highfield families.

Please take a look at the excellent E Book in the dowloads below which explains Dyslexia using few words and lots of visuals. There's also a printed copy in our Reading Lounge to view. Please also see the helpful videos below for further insight into dyslexia and any helpful tips to support your child.

Our gallery offers the opportunity to see some of the things we do at Highfield to encourage different learning styles, including visual prompts, multi-sensory learning and small group interventions.

Word Aware is a structured whole school approach to introducing new vocabulary through multi-sensory teaching and phonological techniques. It can be taught to the whole class, smaller groups as an intervention or to meet the needs of individual children. This has had a huge impact on the acqisition of new words related to learning, whilst embedding the spelling and meaning of new vocabulary through fun and interactive multiple exposures to the word.

The IDL online intervention program supports pupils with reading, spelling and maths. This is having a huge impact on progress and self-confidence amongst our learners.

Each class throughout school has access to their own pack of coloured overlays. These may help children with visual stress when reading. We have invested in a Visual Stress Assessment pack to help identify who needs this intervention and when.

You can find more information about Dyslexia by using the link to the British Dyslexia Assocation or some of these other helpful wesites:






http://www.supersummary.com/dyslexia-guide/ This provides lots of links to other websites and resources.

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